Nov 17

Smile For The Camera

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Likes to Cum in Bathroom

Nov 16

Teen Hookup

Classmates, Chase Williams, and Trent Olsen are craving some raunchy release after a long, hard day, cooped up in class. So, the hung, horned up, high schoolers hightail it to Trent’s place, to christen his parent’s bedroom with a big bonered, boy bang! Clothes fall to the ground, and tongues intertwine the second the sexed up, young studs reach the room, where Williams takes the lead. He lays into Olsen’s appendage with his thirsty throat, taking the twink’s titanium hard dick down deep. Then, the huge hogged high schooler hops up, and crams his oversized crotch in Trent’s hungry cock sucker. He fucks his buddy’s face for a bit, then spins around to give the twink a taste of his other end. After the ass eating, schlong sucking 69 session, Williams wriggles around once more, and hops on Trent’s tent pole for a pulse pounding, piece ride. Balancing the scales, nimble naughty boy Chase moves back, and aims his incredible appendage at Trent’s tight hole. He bangs the boy on his back like a drum, dicking the dude down, AND, beating his meat for him every now and again. The full service treatment takes Trent to the edge, and he floods his peaches and cream torso with a load of liquid fuck fireworks. But, our boy is still thirsty for more; so, he offers his cock sucker to the wild wad Williams is working up! He drinks every delicious drop, fresh from Chase’s heaving hose. Wanting a taste, Williams plants a nice wet one on Olsen’s ooze covered kisser.

Nov 16

Derek Kurt: The Bus Boy

I tell you that last weekend, when I was heading home after work ,.I am in public transport and suddenly a guy climbs up, very sexy, muscular with brown skin, short hair and red and full lips.There were more seats available, the bus was more empty, and he decided to sit next to me, I felt a little scared but at ease.He pushes me to look at the legs and looks at me sideways, I look at him and decide to take the first step, I smiled at him, he did the same and put his hand on my right leg, I was already excited at that point and he noticed, I touched it too …… if you want me to continue with this story let me know with a little message. hugs and kisses

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